4. Tracking

Are you tracking where leads and sales are coming from? Do you know what advertising sources are working? Do you know how much you should be spending on each advertising channel to yield maximum results?

If you are spending money on advertising you need to know exactly what channels are working.

You need to know:

  • How much revenue each advertising channel generates
  • Which search engine phrases are leading to in-store purchases
  • What you cost per acquisition is for each channel
  • Which advertising channel delivers you the best return per dollar spent

Some businesses make an attempt to solve these questions by recording how their customers found them, yet most are unable to generate a clear picture of exactly what is and isn't working because they lack the detail. Search engine advertising allows fine grain tracking to help you know precisely what search phrases are leading to people visiting your business and ultimately purchasing.

If you have been in business for some time you may have experienced times when you have spent significant amounts of money on advertising campaigns such as tv, radio and print. Were you left wondering what the actual return on the investment was? You need accurate information about how much business each channel is generating. You should also know what each channel costs and direct your advertising spend in the right direction.

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