2. Science

Many businesses lack a scientific approach to testing their marketing ideas and messages. These businesses often invest heavily in building a website yet enjoy little or no benefit from it's existence because they don't know how well it has performed. You should be asking yourself questions like:

How many leads has it generated? Are people visiting but is your message failing to convert them?

If you have a product that people want or need, you know there is a desire out there for it, your website should generate qualified leads and sales.

The only golden rule for what combination of message, layout, offer or other website element will give you the best rate of conversion of visitors to customers is to MEASURE EVERYTHING and EXPERIMENT. We can certainly give you an excellent starting point, one that we believe will put you in a better position that most of your competitors, but to get the most out of your advertising spend, you need to test many messages and evaluate what works.

We have developed testing and tracking strategies that allow us to monitor any element on your website; dynamically and on the fly. So we know precisely which version is generating the most leads and sales.

Consider the following example:

Bill runs a high traffic travel booking site. Being a visual product we need to find out which images should be on the main sales pages. We also want to try a couple of different headlines and first paragraph combinations.

We set up a test that uses three different images, two different headlines and two different first paragraphs. This gives us twelve possible combinations. The test starts by using different combinations in equal amounts. We then track how many conversions each combination receives. With sufficient data, we discover that one particular combination is converting 20% more than the original page. This combination becomes the new sales page.

Why is sort of testing important? It helps identify a clear winning message. This message becomes the base for future tests.

This might sound complicated or unnecessary, but it can make big differences to leads and sales for businesses of all sizes. When you consider that you may be paying $500-$2,000 per newspaper advertisement with no tracking data to support your spend, you should be investing in a few hours each month to improve your marketing message and see clear scientific results.

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