4. Uniqueness

Do you have a unique selling proposition?

Pick ten small business or medium websites at random. Try to pick a business type that you may need to use in the near future. How many of them leave you with a sense that there is a good reason to at least contact them? How many give you the impression that they 'get it'?

Most business advertising material (including website copy) fails it's two main goals: to sell the product or service and to differentiate the business from its competition.

Are you all features and no benefits?

Whenever we are whether or not to spend money, or who to spend it with, it's not the list of features or specifications that motivate us to take action. What gets us it's what those features actually mean to us. Just like most advertising fails to create a clear unique selling proposition, almost all advertising fails to clearly focus on why buying this product will improve their life in some way. How will they feel? What problems will be solved? How will their life be better? Are they left feeling like they need it?

No matter how mundane you think a product or service may be, these principles apply every time and make all the difference.

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